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Welcome to 
Block learning

Block Learning is a specialist in the field of education and training. At Block Learning, you can experience excellence in a large range of education and training programs. 


Our courses are designed in partnership with industry, so the skills you learn through our courses will meet the current and future needs of the industry.

The skills you learn through our training courses will give you the skills that employers are looking for.  Our courses are designed and delivered to meet your needs. 

We have the highly experienced, dedicated and qualified educators and trainers with enormous work and practical field experience. 


We offer you the best combination of learning and practical experience, providing you with well rounded qualifications.

Student Testimonials

Elizabeth McCain

Very interactive and participatory. Liked the way the training was structured and delivered. I was very glad that the course focused – as the title suggests - on skills/practices.

Naomi Shelley

I enrolled into the Block Learning looking to build a foundation in Early Childhood education. I now feel I understand and have the confidence as a qualified educator in the childcare industry and can implement my learning and new kills in my work. … The final practical phase was about as realistic as you could have made it – very useful.

Michael Burge

Thank you! Will recommend Block Learning to others. The learning was very rewarding and interactive. Very useful and definitely thought provoking… Module style was clear and interactive – great, friendly and fun. Catered to all levels, which was good for those just starting out and those with more experience.

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