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CPR Course

The Training College of Australia Provides onsite CPR Course


The Training College of Australia is known for the quality educational classes and training we provide, and that includes our CPR Course. This course will provide you with the skill and knowledge needed to maintain the breathing and circulation in an adult, child or infant after suffering a cardiac arrest. Performing CPR while waiting for emergency services to arrive can mean the difference between life and death making this a lifesaving course.


Tips for Getting the Most Value Out of CPR Training


We have a reputation for having the best prices in Melbourne so by merely coming to us for your CPR class you are already on your way to getting the most value. Whether you need CPR certification for your job or want to be prepared with this life-saving skill, we provide classes both on and off-site, providing greater flexibility to fit the training into your busy life.

  • While there is a minimum class size of 10, there is no upper limit for our on-site classes. When there are more than 15 participants, the duration of the class will lengthen. When you bring us onsite to provide CPR training, having everyone in your office that needs or wants the training will maximise the value of the course for you.

  • For individuals who want to learn CPR, we offer a weekly Saturday course at our location in Truganina. This course is open to everyone and has no prerequisites.

  • CPR standards are continually evolving as our understanding of the body grows. Because of this, we recommend that CPR training be renewed every 12 months to both refresh your knowledge and to teach you any of the changes to the method.


The Importance of Taking a CPR Training Course


CPR saves lives. The information that you learn in our CPR classes will enable you to provide essential life support for victims of heart attacks to keep them alive until emergency services arrive. It is vital to know the correct method of performing CPR, as when done incorrectly, it can further injure the person. Other important aspects of our CPR course include:


  • A demonstration in the use of a defibrillator. These have become more commonly available in public places and can be used to treat life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias.

  • Each student will get a chance to perform CPR on a manikin to give them practical experience. For certification, they must perform CPR on the manikin uninterrupted for two minutes.

  • It also provides an overview of the legal and other requirements that those offering emergency first aid need to understand and follow.


What Customers Stand to Gain if They Don’t Use the Training College of Australia


It is our mission to offer the best training and education programs possible, and that includes our CPR and first aid classes. We provide accredited training with up to date equipment and outstanding student support. If you would like to get more information about our classes or would like to schedule an onsite CPR course in Melbourne, contact us today.

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