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Our Enrolment Process

We encourage prospective students to make an informed decision prior to enrolling in an educational course. Our enrolment process is as follows:

Step 1 – Course Enquiry

Course enquiries (in person, email, phone or online) are made with Block Learning about the desired course.

Step 2 – Dispatch of course information

Block Learning we will despatch (print version or electronic) course information which includes a Course information booklet, General information Brochure and an enrolment form.

Step 3 – Decision to enrol

Prospective students contact/visit Block Learning when they make a decision to enrol in one of our courses. Block Learning will arrange an enrolment interview at a mutually agreed date and time to be held at our Block Learning office.

Picking a Book

Step 4 – Enrolment Interview


An enrolment interview is required with the Block Learning training Manager to discuss your career aspects and discuss the suitability of the course. At the enrolment interview the following items are discussed:

o course structure and number of units
o Course requirements (Learning & Assessments)
o Introduction to the RPL Process
o Work placement requirements (if applicable)
o Possible career paths after course completion
o Fees, payment methods and Instalments agreement
o refunds policy
o Working with children check (if required)
o LLN assessment (part of enrolment application)
o Students Complaints or appeals policies

Smiling Walking Friends

Step 5 – Enrolment Application

When a final decision is made by student to enrol in a TCA course, the student is advised to submit in person the completed enrolment application (Enrolment application includes an LLN test). The initial enrolment fee (refer to ‘Our Fee structure’) is payable on submission of application.

Step 6- Language, Literacy and Numeracy test

Applicants are required to complete this test in their enrolment application before they commence training in the unit or course. Satisfactory completion of the test is an entry requirement for admission into any course or unit, and is a condition of enrolment.

Step 7 – Course fee Instalment payments

Students are given the option to pay their course fees by easy instalments through a Payment instalment agreement which needs to be signed by the student on enrolment.

Students may opt out of the instalment agreement. However, the maximum payment that we can accept from students is less than $1500.

Step 8 - Confirmation of enrolment

Upon enrolment, the student will receive an email containing:

  •  A welcome letter

  • Confirmation of enrolment which includes all units,

  • Account statement detailing all fees, payment terms etc

  • Instructions to the online e-learning

  • Time table of classroom session for the current term

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