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Trainers at Block Learning are responsible for ensuring that all students are aware they can contact their trainer or other Block Learning staff members in the event that they are experiencing difficulties with any aspect of their studies. Staff will ensure students have access to the full resources of Block Learning to assist them in achieving the required level of competency in all nationally recognised qualifications.

In the event that a student is experiencing personal difficulties, training staff will encourage the student to contact Block Learning training manager who will provide discrete, personalised and confidential advice.

In the event that a student’s needs exceed the capacity of the
support services Block Learning can offer, they will be referred to an appropriate external agency. Extensive information regarding support agencies, resources and services may be sourced online. Block Learning staff members will assist students to source appropriate support.

Clients among those who are most likely to need
support include:


  • people whose first language is not English and who have not had access to English language classes (because they may not speak English as a first language) 

  •  people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin who may have had limited or disrupted schooling)

  • people with limited or disrupted formal education

  • people in older age groups who have not undertaken formal learning for some time

  • people whose training has been disrupted by disability

  • people who have been unemployed for a time and may not  have taken part in formal learning for some time

  • People with disabilities and access issues

Support to Indigenous students

Students from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders will be
offered assistance and support helping them to achieve their full potential in education and training. Block Learning provides course information, mentoring, confidential advice, information about
Abstudy as well as tutoring services.

(Abstudy website:

Personal Counselling


Block Learning counsellors offer a free and confidential personal counselling service to currently enrolled students. Current students have the opportunity to speak to a Block Learning counsellor about personal issues affecting their life as a student.

In addition, Block Learning holds a range of free class sessions to students on relaxation and stress management, bullying and harassment personal development.

The Block Learning personal Counselling is a short term service, however counsellors can refer or recommend external agencies to students if longer term support is required.

Study Support


Block Learning offers study support to students. This support includes assistance with reading and note taking, language assistance and general writing skills. We understand the importance of offering support in a variety of environments including individual appointments, small groups and lunchtime drop-in sessions.

IT Support

Student with limited or no access to the internet may utilise our
computers onsite to undertake their online learning with Block Learning. This is available to Block Learning students only Monday to Friday from 6:00am til 6:30pm. The use of Block Learning facilities is strictly for Block Learning related online studies.

Aged students support

The following government links provide information for aged
students who may require additional support and assistance:

(National Disability Insurance scheme)

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